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If you want me on your recording, just let me know. Go to the "Get In Touch" and let's start talking.


Name the subject "Recording".

I'm very professional about this, meaning what you want is what you'll get. I use Logic Pro and Reason 11 as my main DAWs. The procedure is very simple. After we've connected, we'll settle on a price and you'll transfer the funds. After I've received these funds, I'll give you the go-ahead and I'll receive an mp3 from you with either a separate click track, a bpm or both. Then I'll record a track for you, mix it down as an mp3 version and ship it off to you. You can expect this to go very smoothly and we won't be done until you're 100 pct satisfied. Once we've agreed on the version to use, I'll send you each tracks separately for you to mix.

It's that simple.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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